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Bauer Metal recently added onsite powder coating capabilities, and we are excited about the opportunities this service makes available for our customers.

Powder coating is a finishing process that begins with a pre-treatment wash that removes all impurities from the surface of the metal. Following the application of pre-treatment wash – when the surface is clean and dry – the metal is ready for the application of the powder, a process whereby the powder is applied electrostatically to the metal’s surface. The first powder coat is typically a zinc-rich epoxy that is cured at 400 degrees for approximately one hour. The top coat, which is the UV-protected color coat, is then applied and cured.

The main benefit of using powder coating over a wet base paint is the ability to get thicker coats. This occurs by the method of static charge flowing powder – versus a solvent which is necessary to keep the binder and filter parts in a liquid suspension form. This also allows powder coating to emit zero to near zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  Because powder coating is low-to-no emissions, it is a very environmentally sound process.

For more information about our powder coating services, please contact us or visit our showroom.