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Like many great companies, Bauer Metal started in a garage.

In 2003 — armed with a truck, a welder, and the idea metal work could stand a significant dose of art and inspiration — Bauer Metal made its appearance. We offered fabrication and mobile welding services, and found that our creative ideas and let’s-consider-this-from-another-angle approach resonated strongly with our customers.

Everything was done really well. You exceeded my expectations. I will definitely use your company for any future projects, and I won’t hesitate to recommend your company to others.
— Pete

By June of 2003 we had moved into our current location as a tenant, and continued our work providing creative, custom balconies, furniture, gates, railings and stairways. A few months later we purchased the shop and expanded the business. Our customer base grew to include state and federal projects as well as the residential projects that have always challenged and inspired us.

In early 2009 we added onsite powder coating equipment, and are excited about the possibilities this service can add for our customers.

Today, we produce innovative, exciting projects for customers around the country. Since our beginning, Bauer Metal has always been about providing our customers with innovative ideas and second-to-none skills and service. We look forward to working with you.

For more details about our story, visit this video.